Does reading make you a better writer?

What books have inspired you? As an author and avid reader, I love books. I’m a diversified reader. Depending on my mood, the inspiration, or the season of life I’m in, I will pick a book that grabs my attention. Sometimes it’s the book’s cover that rivets me to take a look inside, other times, it’s the title. Or whatever grabs my interest. But there is one thing I do before I just go out and buy a book and start to read it. That is, I check out the book’s summary and then the author’s bio.

As a writer, I’m inspired by kindred spirits. If I find a book that appeals to my senses, I want to know who that author is. Are they writing fiction, inspiration, or a memoir?

A Writer’s Take on Books

Child And Book by George Hodan

Child And Book by George Hodan

What kind of books do you gravitate towards? Do you like crime fiction, autobiographies, or self-help books? Whatever you enjoy reading is probably what you enjoy writing about. But that’s not really a true statement at all. And it shouldn’t be only what you favor to read is what you write. Actually the opposite is intriguing. Continue reading